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13 September 2010 @ 11:41 pm
New articles from Russia: Afghanistan, Iraq and Turkey in Focus  
British political scientist William Engdahl analyzed the much-talked-about "100 Orders" of the Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq and concluded that Iraq was actually looted. The only prominent characteristic of today’s state of Iraqi democracy is the freedom to sell pornography on the Baghdad streets...
Obama emphasized that since that moment the United States are to be preoccupied with its domestic issues. He said: "We have to understand that power and influence of our nation abroad, our wish to spread the democratic values all over the world are to be grounded upon the solid foundation of Iraqi prosperity". Does that mean that the future of "Iraqi democracy" is being passed into the possession of its promoters — transnational corporations that are really going to rule the country with the help of its private lance armies.

Turkey is slipping away from under America’s feet
by Aleхander Sotnichenko
The Turkish Republic, needing protection from a foreign enemy, torn apart by internal political strife, experiencing a deficit of goods, technologies, and credit fully satisfied the United States. Such was the Turkey of the Cold War era, impoverished, starving, surrounded on all sides by enemy states. The modern powerful Turkey, an exporter of goods and technology on the world market, gaining the trust of its closest neighbors in a short time, turned out to be too independent in its actions
Why is the US so afraid of an independent Turkey?

The Turkish Kurd Attitude Toward the Upcoming General Referendum
by Stanislav Ivanov
Turkish officials are very concerned about the generally negative attitude that most Turkish pro-Kurd political parties and groups have toward the upcoming referendum; they represent millions of voters. Nor has the temporary cease-fire declared by the PKK for the upcoming Muslim holy month of Ramadan had any positive effect on the situation surrounding the upcoming September 12 vote on the constitutional amendments. Turkish politicians and the military have chosen not to take notice of this positive move by the PKK militants and have continued their operations near the Turkish-Iraqi border. Ankara believes that the Kurdish leaders have only been exploiting the referendum to attract the attention of the government and society to the Kurdish problem. The Kurds have not concealed their desire to live in a federated state in which the autonomy of Turkish Kurdistan would be enshrined in the constitution and the Kurdish language would be the second official language, as it is in neighboring Iraq.
Nevertheless, Turkish officials believe that the large-scale propaganda campaign unfolding in the country in support of the referendum must yield positive results, and the Kurds, along with other citizens of Turkey, can participate in this important political event. They anticipate that much of the country will support Erdoğan's constitutional amendments if only because they limit the political impact of the military and supporters of stricter measures to combat Kurdish rebels and strengthen the parliamentary system and democratic foundations of the society.

Neutrality for Afghanistan
by V.Osipov
The future prospects for Afghan neutrality will surely depend Kabul's interest in it, Kabul's readiness to change the country's Basic Law and the recognition of Afghanistan's neutrality by all of its neighbors, who are key participants in efforts to stabilize the country.